About Agnel Charities and Schools

Fr. Agnel Balbhawan is run by Agnel Charities (Agnel Seva Sangh) Delhi, a registered Society, composed of Catholic priests known as Agnel Ashram Fathers.

This Society was founded by Fr. C. Rodrigues, a patriot and freedom fighter from Goa. He founded the Religious Society, known as the Society of Pilar in Goa in the year 1939. In the year 1954 he had to leave Goa as the Portuguese Government wanted to arrest him for his support to the ‘freedom of Goa’ movement.

Fr. C. Rodrigues came to Mumbai where he started (1957) the Fr. Agnel Ashram at Bandra. This Ashram began with a few orphan boys. Year by year the number of students increased, so too their educational, professional needs. The Ashram, slowly, yet steadily, grew into Technical Schools, ITIs, Polytechnic and Engineering Colleges. In 1979 its area of work spread to Goa, Vashi (New Bombay) and Delhi and later to Pune and Ambernath in Maharashtra, and to Noida, Greater Noida and Vaishali Ghaziabad (National Capital Region) in U.P.

In Delhi the Agnel Ashram Fathers run a school since 1979, and a school for the underprivileged – National Open School. In the year 2000 they started a Home for the poor and destitute children – Fr. Agnel Balbhawan at Greater Noida, U.P and in 2001 a School in Noida. In 2010 a new school was established at Greater Noida, U.P. Besides these regular Institutional activities, they conduct various courses and skills trainings in Delhi and Noida. In 2005 a new school was started in Vaishali, UP.

The Fr. Agnel Balbhawan in Greater Noida is an addition to the already existing such homes in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Goa where children from all over the country from different ethnic groups and religions and regions, whatever be their race or colour, language or religion, are welcomed, cared, sheltered and are given a new experience of love, of belongingness, of the power to be what every child wants to be – a man or a woman of one’s dreams.

It is situated in a plot of land (8 acres) at Greater Noida (U.P.). The children come from different parts of the country – from the extreme North-East of India to the extreme south India to North and from West to East - with different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. They all live together making it possible to all the children to develop together into contributing citizens of our Country.

It has 8 homes, each to house a maximum of 16 children of different ages (4 years to 10) under the care of a Mother. It has a common kitchen and dining facilities managed by experienced personnel. Children are attending regular school at Fr. Agnel School within the campus. The School is open to the residents of Greater Noida and Noida thus making it possible for our children to compete and shine. At the age of 10, as they pass class V, they go to the Hostel (within the same land), yet keeping in contact with their own Home. These children are cared, educated and trained until they can stand on their own. At present there are 250 children in the Balbhawan and in the Hostel and another 10 are studying in Delhi.

The Society believes and resolves that Fr. Agnel Balbhawan, Greater Noida should provide its children with the following.

  • Physical, mental and emotional health that will enable the children to experience the joy of living.
  • Education that will enable them to be self-sustaining and positively contributing members of the society.
  • Human and spiritual values which will enable them to develop a positive and realistic self concept, thus be constructive agents of change in the world.
  • An optimistic attitude towards the institution, community, nation and society.
  • An environment which encourages treating others with respect and courtesy, placing group welfare above selfish interests and empathizes with the poor, the disabled and the less fortunate.
  • Guidance and preparation for career development and life planning
  • An understanding and appreciation of the total environment with man, society and the whole world.