Fr. Agnel Balbhawan started in the year 2000 has educated and trained the students (passed class XII) and they are as under (2020-21):

2009: 1) Kusum Pandey and (2) Tanvi Sethi after schooling went to Goa and completed the 3 year course in Hospitality and Catering Services. Both worked at Oberoi (2 years) and later Kusum on a Cruise, now she is in Business and Tanvi – married -is employed at Max Hospital.

3) Victor also did Hotel Management 3-year course at Greater Noida. Worked in a Hotel. He is now teaching Music/singing in Fr. Agnel School, G Noida and pursuing western music (grades).

2010: 1) Earlis Dilbung finished her degree in History Honors from St Stephen’s College, DU staying in a hostel. And now she appeared for IAS and other Services entrance and working in Samsung Company Pvt. Ltd. Now teaching in Manipur.

2) Daniel Gaikungam finished BBA from Sharda University, Greater Noida. And he is employed by Sharda University and was posted in Assam (2014). Pursuing MBA from the same university.

3) Thambou Singh finished College in Hotel Management from Angel Institute, Greater Noida. He is working at home in Manipur.

2011: 1) Shangnung Shankhil after completing (Gargi) College, DU in English Honors, pursued Dipl. in Journalism in Mumbai, Working in Hyderabad.

2) Shangmila Dilbung - Lady Sri Ram (LSR), DU in English Honours. Finished MSW. and worked with SOS in Mumbai and Teach IndIa. Shifted to Manipur

3) Sangailiu Kamei Successfully finished Textile Designing in NIFT (a 4 yrs course) under the Ministry of Textiles. Employed.

4). Sandori Lamkang finished a year of course in Frankfinn as Ground Hostess. She worked at Hotel Hilton in Gurgaon but opted out to complete her BA. Now working .

5) Jatin Sethi finished successfully IT Engineering from KIIT, Gurgaon. Employed

6) Michael Kasana after Degree in Life Sciences at Dayal Singh College (DU) and PG, preparing for State selection exams. Now working in Syndicate Bank in Delhi.

2012: 1) Rengwal Anal got admitted in St. Stephens College, DU and did not continue in favour of sports. Employed.

2) Kheroda Irom pursued History (Hons.) from Miranda House, DU. Completed PG at JNU. Now working in Fr. Agnel Vaishali.

3) Manju Singh completed Political Sc (Hons.) from Miranda House, DU. After passing B.Ed at Sharda University is now working in Fr. Agnel Vaishali

4) Justin Gabriel graduated BBA from Galgotia’s.Worked with MET LIFE. And now employed

IV) Justin Gabriel graduated BBA from Galgotia’s. Starting own business in tele-sales.

2013: 1). Lovejoy Anal : BBA from Sharda University Now employed in Manipur.

2) Gipson Meitei was admitted for BSc Yoga in Vivekananda College in Bangalore but did not cpmplete it Employed in Manipur.

3) Cyndrella D’cruz and (4) Lawrence Sami Das have completed Travel and Tourism Course (YMCA, Delhi) and are now working.

5) Mamta Yadav:- after BSW now pursuing MSW from Delhi University. Finishing M Phil (Ranchi).

(6) Yashmeen Begum after Degree course in Psychology after PG from Jamia Milia University employed as Counselor at Agnel Greater Noida.

2014 : 1) Pinky Massih finishes Physiotherapy 4 and half year course at Amarjyoti Institute, DU. Preparing for Civil Services Exams.

2) Soihemliu Pamei – After completing Degree course in Bio Medical science, DU and Post Graduation in JNU,.preparing for Civil Services.

3) Meena Sittar – Completed Food and Nutrition degree course at Lady Irwin, DU

4). Rojee Meibam English Hons at Daulat Ram College, DU

5) Anita Chowdhary – BA LLB (5yrs) Galgotias University, Greater Noida. Working at Lawyers Firm in Delhi.

6) Rabina Bara – BBA from Shardha University, Greater Noida. MBA from the same University. Employed.

7) Martina Kasana – Psychology, Vivekanada College, DU

8) Vikhram Singh English, Hans Raj College, DU. Teaching

9) Ishwinder Singh Hotel Management from Angel Institute Greater Noida. Working

10) Albert Wilson - Music and Graduation by Correspondence, DU, Now working.

11) Kartik Sahu Sports College, Dadri, UP. And now employed in FAS Greater Noida

12) Savio – BBA from Agra.Employed.

2015: 1) Kavita Kumari: Graduated in Psychology. B.Ed from Sharda University. Employed as teacher, (Haryana)

2) Seema Santosh Graduated in Psychology. Employed

3) Mary Tungdim Galgotias University for English (Hons). And MSW from GBU. Employed at H. Family Hospital

4) T. Rebeca : same Univ. for English (Hons). Employed

5) Sushmita Kumari – B.Com honors from Sharda University, and preparing for CA. Employed.

6) Ruth Rosangpuii – BA. Programme Sociology – and JMC of Delhi University. Now working in Fr. Agnel Vaishali . Course in Phy Ed.

7) Anupriya JMC, DU – Sociology. Now pursuing MA in Sociology.

8) Anusuya Rajendra – KNC College, DU –

9) Bharti Sharma - Hotel Management at Angel Inst.Greater Noida., Employed in Taj Palace Hotel, Now at Lodi hotel Delhi

10) Ritika Das – Delhi Collage of Art, Delhi now working in Fr. Agnel School, Greater Noida.

11) Edward George – admitted to Sports College. Started Working.


1) Firdaus:- Pursued Special Educators Diploma from YMCA (2years Diploma course) now working in FAS Greater Noida and pursuing Graduation.

2) Rose :- Travel and Tourism and German language from YMCA now worked in Leela Palace.Now in a Resort.

3) Sharin:- Completed Degree in Hindustani Music from Shadbhawana, Varanasi now working in JMC as a music teacher.

4) Sharon and

5) Deepti :- Engaged in General Nursing course from Holy Family Hospital, Delhi. Both employed in H. Holy Family Hospital

6) Abha :- Did not complete

7) Christina :- Graduation from Jesus and Mary College DU. P G in GBU

8) Deepak :- Pursuing BBA from Galgotias University, Greater Noida

9) Santosh :- Graduation from DU and working Part-time. Pursuing LLB from Galgotias

10) Joseph :- Graduation (Distance Learning ) and Music and Computers

11) Manoj :- Graduation from Dayal Singh College. Expired

12) David :- Graduation in Fashion Design from Sharda University. Employed

2017 Batch

1) Kabir : DU college from Dyal Singh and working.

2) Anju:- Graduation from Kamla Nehru College,DU

3) Tarcy:- Graduation from DU. Doing BEd Course

4) Ishvinder : Graduation from Angels Hotel Management. Employed

5) Kounik: Graduation from Galgotias University. Music

6) Avinash: Graduation from Dayal Singh College

7) Namrata: Was employed Hotel at Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida

8) Moni:- Pursuing Grades in Indian Vocal Music and Western from Trinity college of London

9) Shama: College from Kamla Nehru College, DU.

10) Tara : Law (5 years) from Galgotias University. Did not complete. Employed.

11) Victoria :- Graduation from DU Gargi College. Civil Services (entr).

12) Shinshiya ;- Nursing from Holy Family College of Nursing. Employed in the same Hospital

13) Priya :- Pol Science from GBU. Enrolled for BEd Course

2018 Batch

1) Sahil: Pursuing Hotel Management from Angel College.

2) Sweety: Pursuing graduation from JMC

3. Tabu: Interior Designing from Women’s Polytechnic

4. Loretta: Pursuing Pol. Science from GBU

5. Benjamin: Pursuing Pol. Science from GBU

6. Sumit: Pursuing college from Ambekar University

7. Hinga: College From Marinda college

8. Kambuiliu: Pursuing college from Marinda college

9. Diana: Nursing from Kailash College, Greater Noida

10. Chandani: Pursuing College from Dyal Singh College

11. Sangeeta:

12. Baby Manisha: Pursuing College from JMC

2019 Batch

1) Pooja : Law from Galgotias

2) Rocky : Optometry from Sharda University

3) Geeta: Pol. Science. from GBU

4) Jyoti: German Language. Graduation (Open)

5) Rita: English Hons. From Gargi College DU

6) Sakshi : NTT from Disha

7) Lizy : Nursing from Holy Family

8) Surrender : Graduation - designing from Sharda Univ.

9) Abhishek Kumar : IT from Galgotias

10) Benjamin : BA from Galgotias Not pursued.

11) Abhishek Singh: IT from Sharda University

12) Vishal : BA programme from Bhagat Singh College Du

2020 Batch

1. Areeba – Diploma in computer application from YMCA Delhi

2. Dolly – B.B.A from Galgotias

3. Lilly – B.A in Journalism from Kamla Nehru college.

4. Manisha Chetri- B.A history hons. From Janki Devi memorial College

5. Prashant – B.A political science hons from Motilal Nehru College.

6. Marin – B.A in English hons from GBU

7. Deepak – B.A political science hons. GBU

8. Mahender- B.B.A from Golgotias

9. Jaya - Mass communication from NISCORT

10. Bikram – B.A English hons from D.U

11. Neelam – B.A program from JMC

12. Roshni – Training for Air Hostess

13. Shankar - Traning in music

14. Rohit – B.Ped from Amity University

15. Nilu- B.Ped from NCPE

16. Preeti – B.Sc in Maths from Sharda Uni.

17. Sapna - B.BA from Jagnath Institute of Management & Science

18. Nitin- B.Com Hons. From Hindu college

19. Deepak Kumar- Media and Mass com. From Noida (film City)

20. Neha – Computer course

21. Suresh – B.Com Hons. From DU

Besides these, some opted out of the regular schooling for various reasons. They appeared in classes X and XII through the Open Schooling System, pursuing simultaneously other professional and vocational courses.

1) Gaininglung Daimei - Audio recording trainer, passed XII, Now working in Noida.

2) Pana Lamkang – Dance teacher and choreographer, passed XII

3) Khingam Anal – Nursing Diploma (3 and half years) after Class XII and now working at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi.

4) Karishma James after class XII passed DU College in English (Hons), After Post Graduation is employed.

5) Sonia James passed class XII and worked as Asst. Beautician a course she did when in class XII. Employed.

6) Meenakshi Lamba: Graduate and pursuing levels in French, now working in Fr. Agnel School Gr. Noida at Front Desk till date.

7) Marcus Tungdim – pursued mobile repairing course, passed XII.

8) Bering Shankhil – Video Recording Course passed XII. Now having his own enterprise.

9) Sonia Devi – Passed XII, pursued Diploma in Interior Designing and now employed

10) Yurish Singh – Passed XII worked at Tivoli Garden Resort and now employed in Manipur..

11) Albert Aimol – Working as Warden in Delhi Hostel. Passed XII

12) Francis and George are brothers and have opted to return to Manipur.

13) Abhishek Bajpaye after class XII joined the Ambedkar Univ, Delhi for History (Hons). Now doing PG in Lucknow. He intends to be an Archeologist.

14) Jeetu Singh: – joined Sports College, Dadri, UP (III year) after passing Class XII. Now working in Decathlon.

15) Pooja Singh: – Passed XII. and NTT course Now employed.

16) Edwin: Passed XII pursuing grades in music and working as music teacher.