Our Balbhawan

In the year 2000 a Home for Children – Fr. Agnel Balbhawan at Greater Noida, U.P – was started. In 2010 a third School was established at Greater Noida, U.P.

The Fr. Agnel Balbhawan in Greater Noida is an addition to the already existing such homes in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Goa where children from all over the country from different ethnic groups and religions, races and languages are welcomed, cared, sheltered and are given a new experience of love, of belongingness, of the power to be what every child wants to be – a man or a woman of one’s dreams.

Fr. Agnel Balbhawan is situated in a plot of land (8 acres) at Greater Noida (U.P.) The poor and destitute children come from different parts of the country – from the North and extreme North-East of India to the extreme South and West. All the children have parents or guardians who get them admitted in the Balbhawan. They live side by side making it possible to all of them to develop together into contributing citizens of our Country.

The Balbhawan has 8 homes, each to house 16 children (boys & girls) of different ages (5 years to 10) under the care of a Mother. It has a common kitchen and dining facilities managed by experienced personnel. Children attend regular school at Fr. Agnel School within the campus which is also open to the residents of Greater Noida and Noida thus giving an opportunity for the Balbhawan children to compete and shine. At the age of 11 they go to the Hostels for boys and girls (within the same campus) yet keeping in contact with their own Home. Children are cared, educated and trained until they can stand on their own. At present there are 240 children in the Balbhawan and in the Hostels, and another 15 are studying in Delhi. They have passed class XII and even Higher Education and are working and managing their life. They continue to be in touch with their Alma Mater, the Balbhawan.

Started in the year 2000 Fr. Agnel Balbhawan with 45 children has grown to 250+. They are doing well in life. Up to now, the students (list attached) have passed class XII and are in higher education and/or are working. All expenses of the students (hostel, course fee, boarding and lodging, travel, books and stationery, pocket money, etc.) and care are given by the Society with the help of the benefactors. They are under the care of Balbhawan directly till they are able to manage their life independently.